Superman and The Mole Men - $8.95!

As with many of the early episodes of the Adventures of Superman, the film is adult-themed, with a good deal of conflict and violence, or the threat thereof, and is played with total seriousness by all the actors; Reeves's Superman, in particular, is all business, displaying none of the humor that the character would develop over time in the TV series. This film is an hour long and and was used as the springboard for the original TV series.
Quality: Very Good

Hi-Yo Silver - $8.95!

Hi-Yo Silver is a 69-minute abridgement of the 1938 Republic serial The Lone Ranger. Departing from the established radio program running at the time, this film offers five leading man, any one of whom might be the legendary "masked rider of the plains". With the assistance of his faithful Indian companion Tonto, the mystery surrounding the identity of the real Lone Ranger is revealed as they bring outlaw gang headed by the scurrilous Mr. Jeffries (Stanley Andrews), to justice.
Quality: Good

The Good Humor Man - $8.95!

Jack Carson, George Reeves, Lola Albright & Jean Wallace star in this hilarious romp through mystery & romance. The Captain Marvel Club pursues the crooks to a girls school where all hell breaks loose. Very funny.
Quality: Good

Commando Cody TV Series - DVD - $9.95

There is some disagreement among fans of movie serials whether this is a 12-episode motion picture serial or a series of short subjects. This is because it was originally filmed as a TV series which contractual obligations forced Republic Pictures to give a theatrical release before allowing it to be broadcast on TV. As the episodes do not end in "cliffhangers", some serial "purists", considering this a requirement for the classification of a movie serial, refuse to accept it into the serial canon.
Republic Pictures - 12 Chapters
Quality: Good